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Our emblem, “ISA,” vertically adorned, intertwines with a golden pencil, epitomizing educational brilliance and creativity. Nestled on an eco-friendly wooden box, engraved with “ISA,” it signifies a commitment to sustainable growth. This symbol encapsulates our dedication to excellence, innovation, and the eco-conscious evolution of education.

Past Events at a Glance

ISA Dubai 2018

Celebrating educational milestones, fostering excellence, and recognizing innovation that shapes Dubai's educational landscape.

ISA Dubai 2019

A tribute to outstanding achievements, fostering collaboration, and honoring educators who drive positive change in Dubai.

ISA Dubai 2023

Embracing evolution, celebrating progress, and recognizing visionary contributions that redefine education's future in Dubai.

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ISA Global

A distinguished platform, ISA Global celebrates global educational excellence, recognizing and honoring educators and institutions for their outstanding contributions to learning and development on an international scale.

Indian School Awards

Indian School Awards is a tribute to educational brilliance, spotlighting achievements and innovations. It acknowledges institutions and educators for their unwavering dedication to nurturing young minds and fostering academic excellence in India.

ISA Dubai

At the forefront of educational distinction in the Middle East, ISA Dubai embodies excellence, applauding regional pioneers and fostering innovation along with a commitment to global education.

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