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ISA Dubai 2019

A beacon of educational distinction, celebrates innovation and excellence in the vibrant landscape of Dubai. Join us in honoring visionary educators and shaping the future of education.

a 3 day EVENT FOR

Awards | Networking | Inspiration

Elevating education through prestigious awards, fostering networking opportunities, and enriching knowledge through impactful conferences, shaping the future of learning.

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Awards Ceremony

Celebrating educational excellence, recognizing outstanding achievements, and honoring pioneers who shape the future of education.

Networking Events

Fostering collaboration, connecting educators, and building a global community committed to advancing education and innovation.

Educational Conferences

Exploring current and future trends, discussing the need for reforms, and delving into the impact of digital education on the educational landscape.

Innovative Workshops

Hands-on sessions, encouraging creativity, and providing practical insights to inspire innovation in the classroom and beyond.

Keynote Speaker Sessions

Engaging talks by education leaders, industry experts, and influential figures providing valuable insights and perspectives on the evolving educational landscape.

Community Recognition

Acknowledging the contributions of educators and institutions, fostering a sense of pride and motivation within the educational community.

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A powerful hub of knowledge, inspiration, community building, celebrating intelligence and innovation. 

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ISA Dubai 2019


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ISA Dubai 2019 will be hosted in Amity University Dubai on 26th December 2019.

Nominate by completing the online form available on the ISA Dubai website. The form includes details about achievements, contributions, and contact information. You can submit nominations for multiple categories, provided they meet the respective criteria.

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ISA Dubai 2019 is organized by a collaboration of esteemed entities, including RoboChamps,, RoboGenie, and Amity University.

Education is the dawn of greatness, celebrate it!

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